Viva Sport Shop Produsele Viva Sport Shop en-us Mingi Donic Coach Plastic 120buc Mingi ]]> Incaltaminte Joola Rapid Incaltaminte si Ciorapi Plasa colectare Joola TT Buddy Accesorii Mese Robot Joola Shorty Roboti de antrenament Robot Joola Buddy Topspin Roboti de antrenament TT-BUDDY TOPSPIN is the ideal training partner for beginners.]]> Fata TSP Curl P3 Alpha R Fete Fata TSP P-H Fete Fata TSP Curl P-4 Fete Fata TSP Curl P-2 Fete This Curl is great for a combination of defensive and offensive play.

The TSP Curl P2 is considered as a medium pips while it is not. It has exceptional control and behaves like the medium pips.
TSP Curl P2 is now back in our collection since many European top players favored this unique long pimple rubber (about 1,8mm long) with wide pimples. The TSP has re-launched TSP Curl P2 again in 2009.
It is ideal for those who not only want to defend but also want better block and counter possibilities.]]>
Fata TSP Curl P-1R Fete
The classic TSP long pimple rubber; the thin pimples are
made of soft rubber which are capable of producing
the most dangerous defensive strokes. Unlike
frictionless rubbers, Curl P1 R gives players the
chance of bringing in their own chop and float